humboldt redwood company and mendocino forest products company

Utilizing high standards
of environmental stewardship.

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Forest Stewardship Council?

the Forest


Mendocino Redwood Company, LLC (MRC?) and 亚洲城ca88真人网 (HRC?) chose the FSC? standard for certification because we, as well as many others, believe that it is the toughest standard available for management of forests on a commercial basis. Our commitment is to manage productive timberlands with a high standard of environmental stewardship, and also operate a successful business.

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Our Roots

Mendocino Redwood Company, LLC (MRC?) and 亚洲城ca88真人网 (HRC?) collectively consist of approximately 440,000 acres of redwood and Douglas-fir timberlands along the north coast of California. Both MRC and HRC were formed with the idea that it is possible to manage a large block of industrial timberland, while cultivating a lasting legacy of environmentally responsible forestry.